Kenya’s mSurvey expands operation to Nigeria

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By Franklin Ocheneyi

From left: Claire Munene, Chief Operating Officer; Kenfield Griffith, CEO; and Nelly Githaka, Marketing Director, all of mSurvey, during the company’s DEMO Day in Lagos, yesterday.

“WEST AFRICA is an extremely important market for us to expand into, and we are excited to bring mSurvey products, as well as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to Nigeria. From initial conversations with businesses from corporate to SME-size, it is clear that there is growing trend in the country to add value to the bottom line, through improved and more granular understanding of customers, powered by tech and mobile .”

These were the words of Dr Kenfield Griffith, CEO mSurvey while addressing Nigerian journalists, yesterday in Lagos. He said that following the company’s success in Kenya, Uganda, and Trinidad and else countries, they are coming into Nigeria to open up the channel of communication between brands and their customers.

How It Works

He explained how the technology works: “Using cloud computing connected to mobile network operators, mSurvey’s platform enables a two-way dialogue on any topic, with a selected audience, allowing businesses to gather insights from real people, in real-time. In less than five minutes, any business organisation or entrepreneur can start a conversation with select people or diverse populations using mSurvey’s feedback platform and analytics engine.”

Fielding question on what’s in it for Nigerian private and public firms, he said: “mSurvey is the first to implement Net Promoter Score, the internationally recognized benchmarking practice used to gauge the loyalty of a brand’s customer relationships and their overall perception of a brand, in Africa. One Kenyan company who implemented NPS has recorded a revenue turnaround of 800 percent. Java House, a leading Kenyan consumer brand, has also implemented NPS and recorded strong results, with the CEO, Ken Kuguru confirmed for the Nigeria mSurvey NPS Masterclass in Lagos on March 20-21, 2018.

“Introduced in 2003, NPS has been adopted by more than two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies including Apple, Sony, Amazon, British Airways and Telsa, and is a tool used to drive business growth by measuring the loyalty that exists between a provider and consumer. it is based on responses to how likely a consumer would recommend a company, product or service on a 0 to 10 scale,” he said.

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