Dangote Sugar Refinery Converts over 400 Casuals to Permanent Staff

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Dangote Sugar Refinery (DSR) has engaged over 400 of its non-pensionable employees, popularly called casual workers, into permanent staff.

A source close to the company, told Nigeria Industrial Digest, that the sugar producer was compelled to have carried out the exercise following negative criticisms by the National Assembly at the high level of casual workers in the company.

It was learned that across the manufacturing Industry, casuals are used for different kinds of things.  “There are times when we have some jobs which would not last for too long. We cannot recruit permanent staff for such jobs. For example, if we just received ten trailer loads of sugar and we are to take them from the Ports to the plant, of course, this sugar has to be loaded, when it gets to Ikeja, it has to be offloaded, it has to be stacked, all of that cannot not last for more than few hours or days depending on so many thing,” said the CEO of a beverage company, who doesn’t want his name in print.

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