SON vows to seize sub-standard productsanywhere

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By Franklin Ocheneyi


THIS is why we are moving from warehouse to warehouse, markets to markets, roads to borders so that we will be sure that nobody leaves these points with substandard products into the country. Wherever these products are found we would recall them and that is the essence of this enforcement exercise.”

Engr. Bede Obayi, Director, Enforcement and Compliance, Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), stated this during an enforcement exercise organised by the agency.

“SON is saying that there is no boundary in terms of the enforcement of this mandate, wherever we see these products, we would take them out and if you comply with our requirements, you will not experience any hindrance taking these products from the ports, borders into the markets, but when you do not follow the laid down rules, we will go into the warehouses to pick out these products,” he said.

He urged importers to always consult SON for quality control guidelines before importing goods into the country, maintaining that this would go a long way to give their products a certificate of free sales without unnecessary hindrances from different regulatory agencies

“We want to ensure that as people consume these products, it will be the same as those who are sending the products to us. We want to have a certificate of free sale that once we are consuming these products, we are sure the quality is same as to where the products are coming from,” he added.

According to him, quality is the same all over the world, stressing that SON is a member of International Organisation for Standardisation, ISO, where standards are being developed in close collaborations with stakeholders from different sectors of the global economy.

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