10 Usefulness of Salt beyond Cooking

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1. Salt mixed with baking powder whitens teeth and helps remove plaques.

2. Washing coloured curtains or rugs in saltwater solution brightens the colours.

3. Soaking the bristles of a new straw broom in a bucket of hot salt water for about 25 minutes and then sun drying it helps to increase the life of the broom.

4. Scrubbing wicker furniture with warm salt water and then drying it in the sun helps to remove the yellowness caused by age and sun exposure.

5. Salty hot water solution can be used to remove perspiration stains.

6. Snails and slugs can be killed and eliminated from the garden by pouring salt on them.

7. Salt and alcohol solution eliminates unwanted oil stains on rugs.

8. Adding a pinch of salt to milk will keep it fresh longer.

9. Rubbing chicken skin with salt first, helps to easily remove its pinfeathers.

10. Pouring strong salt brine down the kitchen sink drain regularly eliminates odors and keeps grease from building up.

Source: Dangote Salt

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