Dangote Flour Fumes over Unethical Practices by Security Contractors

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“I AM paying for 24 security guards, why are there eight?”

This was how a top management staff at Dangote Flour Mills in Lagos, reacted to the shocking discovery of how the company was being short-changed by its private security contractors.

Nigeria Industrial Digest learned that one of the bosses at the top had gone to the sixth floor of one of the company’s buildings inside the NPA and found only one security guard on duty.

“How many of you are here?” He enquired from the guard. “One, sir,” he replied.

“Why only you; I am paying for 24 security guards, and you ought to be two on each floor.”

Sources further disclosed that the boss went to other floors of the building in descending order and got the same feedback from the guards on duty.

“Call the CSO (Chief Security Officer) to me,” he fumed.

According to sources , after further probing, the boss learned that instead of 24 security guards  doing two shifts (6am-6pm and vice-versa)  of 12 guards, two on each floor of the facility, only eight guards were being  recycled  to work  18-24 hours and 48 hours by the private security company that supplies the workforce to the company.

Sources further alleged that of the 24 security operatives on the payroll, only the eight gets their salary at the end of the months, while the salary of the remaining 14 people is pocketed by the contractor firm.


“We learned that Dangote is paying N50 thousand on each guard outsource to the company, but the contractor pays N30 thousand,” said sources.

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