Indorama Eleme Secures $100mln AfDB Loan to boost Fertilizer Production

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Indorama Eleme Fertilizer & Chemicals has secured a $100 million loan from the African Development Bank, AfDB to boost its fertilizer production.

The company, a unit of Singapore-based petrochemical producer Indorama, is seeking to double annual output of urea fertilizer from 1.4 million tonnes to 2.8 million tonnes.

Once a net importer of fertilizer, Nigerian production has grown in recent years; in 2017, it exported around 700,000 tonnes of urea to markets in West African as well as North and South America.

Indorama Fertilizer’s increased output will target the export market but also seek to boost domestic supply to drive down prices.

Nigerian farmers still use much less fertilizer than their global and African peers due to high costs, leading to low crop yields that forced the West African nation to spend around $6 billion on food imports annually.

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