Celebrating 10 years of Cadbury bicycle factory

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WHAT’S the power of a bicycle? For students in Ghana, it can turn a long walk to school into a shorter ride. This year, our Canada business celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Cadbury Bicycle Factory, bringing a little piece of Ghana to Canada. Over the past ten years, Canadians and our Cadbury brand have built 30,000 bikes for students in Ghana, one of our primary cocoa-growing countries.

Throughout April and May, consumers all across Canada will show their goodness by helping build more bikes for students in Ghana. For every 100 virtual bike parts created by Canadian fans, we will donate one real bike for delivery to Ghana, up to a maximum of 1000.

Grammy-nominated Ghanaian singer Rocky Dawuni commented: “The Cadbury Bicycle Factory has really impacted communities and helped empower others. It brings people together, increases good will, and shows that we are all part of the same family.”

  • Culled from Mondelez International

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