Mondelēz International to Source 280,000 Tons of Wheat For its Biscuit Brands

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Mondelēz International says it will be sourcing 28,000 tons of wheat from farmers across Europe for the production of its biscuits brands by 2022.

The company, in its Harmony Ambition 2022, obtained by Nigeria Industrial Digest, said:  “It“currently involves 1,700 farmers, 13 millers and 21 cooperatives across six markets (Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland and Spain), producing 177,000 tons of wheat for the company’s biscuit brands in 2017.  That represents about 60 percent of our biscuit production across the EU for brands such as LUOroLiGA and Fontaneda.

“This new expansion of Harmony reinforces our commitment to biodiversity and the improvement of sustainable farming practices across the Europe. Thanks to this new step, the annual production of wheat is expected to increase to over 280,000 tons by 2022, covering the volume of wheat we need to produce our entire European biscuit portfolio, adding brands such as belVitaMilka Biscuits and Barni.

“As the largest biscuit company in the world, we bake great tasting biscuits and we do so with a clear sense of purpose and pride. Wheat is the first ingredient we use to bake our biscuits and we therefore care a great deal about how it is grown and sourced. That’s why, ten years ago, we created the Harmony program with the ambitious goal to become champions of sustainable wheat production while having a positive impact on our environmental footprint.

“And today, we’re proud to announce our ambition to expand Harmony, our sustainable wheat sourcing program! By 2022, Harmony will cover 100 percent of our biscuit brands in the European Union, as part of our commitment to reduce our end-to-end environmental impact.”

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