Nestle sees Huge Export Benefits in AfCFTA

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“WE see a lot of potential in the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). It will make it easier for us to get the documentation, all the approvals and all that we need to export because for us, that is something that really causes a lot of delays, bottlenecks, and all that, and looking at the shelf-life of products, that is a struggle for us a lot of the time. So, the AfCFTA should actually make it easier for us to operate in this environment in the way that we have been operating already.”

Gloria Nwabuike, Head of Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, Nestle Nigeria Plc, gave this insight while responding to journalists question on the company’s takes on One Market Economy for Africa, popularly called the AfCFTA.

At a Media Breakfast Session organised by the company, weekend in Lagos, she said: “You know that Nestle is present not only in Nigeria but across West Africa, also across East Africa and across South Africa.

“The way we operate at Nestle is to consolidate our base and then export to neighbouring countries, so our products are already going across the continent, for instance, the Nescafe we have here are imported from Ivory Coast leveraging on our regional hubs and the GoldenMorn which is made in Nigeria, is going across the borders to other countries.

“Our seasoning, Maggi is even being exported from Nigeria to the United States and other countries. So, we are already leveraging that hub. So, that agreement comes to actually making it easier for us to keep doing what we have been doing already, “she said.

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