Cement Manufacturers Association of Ghana supports new building code

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Ghana: The Cement Manufacturers Association of Ghana (CMAG) has praised the introduction of the country’s first building code.

 The Building Code for Ghana was launched by Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia in late October 2018, according to the Ghana Multimedia Group.
The 1700-page document, in 38 sections, covers all essential areas for the operation of the building and construction industry.
The production and launch of the code is intended to end irregularities in the building and construction sector and set standards to ensure that local construction is safe and meets international standards.
“Today is a very significant day in the annals of the history of this country. For the first time ever, through the collaborative efforts of different agencies, Ghana has a comprehensive Building Code.
The Ghana Building Code, GS1207 of 2018 is a document that is long overdue but which has finally been delivered,” said Bawumia.
He added that the code would reassure people about the risk of collapsing buildings.

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