China silk giant to set up base in Kenya

Business News

The world’s largest producer of silk, Guangdong Silk-Tex Group, has announced its plans to set up shop in Kenya. Top officials of the government-owned company met President Uhuru Kenyatta in Shanghai, China, Sunday during which they confirmed plans to set up business in Nairobi. Officials of the company were led by their chairman, Mr Ke Huiqi. The company will not only setup a silk processing factory at the Export Processing Zone in Athi River, but will also establish a silk farm. The Guangdong Silk-Tex Group will establish a cocoon farm on an estimated 8,237 acres of land, with capacity to handle the entire silk value chain covering cocoon procurement, silk reeling, weaving and trading. The venture is expected to create over 300,000 jobs for Kenyans.

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