Medela Numen Ventures unveil foods for diabetic people

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“So, what we have done is to create products that can checkmate the progression of diabetes to the fact that if an individual continually eats Nutrimeal and Nutrifastt for 30 days, the blood sugar will start coming down, the weight will starts coming down and the cholesterol will reduce, blood pressure reduces and come to normal.”

Mberede Onuakpunwa, MD/CEO, Medela Numen Ventures, Nnewi, Anambra State , confidently stated  during the presentation of the products to the media in Lagos, weekend.

“The products have been researched and developed in such a way that if somebody that has diabetes or any of the chronic diseases-high blood pressure, high cholesterol and too much fat around the mid-section, consumes the products as an alternative to foo -foo or semolina and garri, they would start seeing reductions in the amount of prescribed medicine they take. And over certain length of time, they will stop taking diabetic medicine,” he said.

He explained that while Nutrimeal is the one you eat for lunch or dinner, Nutrifastt is the one you take for breakfast. It helps individuals to lose weight, checkmate hunger and control diabetes.

He advises diabetes sufferers to tackle the root cause of the problem, stressing, “when you tackle the root cause of the problem, you come to where I am; I used to be diabetic but in the past three years, not one diabetic medicine. As you can see, I am healthy. I have been able to reverse diabetes by taking these foods and that is why I am telling people- if you eat these as supposed to taking medicine, if you eat it over a period of months, you must see the positive results.”

Seeks for distributors nationwide

Nkechi Orji, the company’s Sales Manager, disclosed that they have covered the entire markets in Eastern Nigeria with the products, and also, they are now available at Oke -arin market in Lagos.

“We want Nigerians and the world to know about these products so that those who are interested to become our distributors and exporters for the products can contact us and then we would appoint them and then we would educate them on how to present it to public,” she said.

Fielding questions on the ingredients, she said that they are 100 percent locally sourced – nothing imported.

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