Nestle Records 80% Local Sourcing in 2018

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“With about 80% local sourcing reached in 2018, the company is poised to increase the percentages where possible in the coming years.”
Nestor Finalo, Supply Chain Manager for Nestlé Nigeria said at its Suppliers chain event in Lagos.

“We work with more than 1,000 direct suppliers, 700 of which are local suppliers.

“We hope to invest more in local suppliers who are able to meet the quality requirements will be sustained in the long-term as we work together to meet consumer expectations by ensuring responsible sourcing practices,” he said.
To strengthen supplier relationships, Nestlé Suppliers Day will continue to be held annually going forward.
There will also be opportunities for training, skills and capacity building for the company’s top suppliers.
“This event will be carried out yearly to keep you abreast of the company’s best practices and to develop even stronger partnerships. We will also hold workshops and joint trainings to improve the quality of deliveries and empower our esteemed suppliers,” said Mr. Nestor.

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