African Foundries Limited motivates 210 staff donates blood to Lagos State Blood Bank

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AFRICAN Foundries Limited Ogijo, Ogun State, a leading steel manufacturing company in Nigeria is on the march to build the culture of blood donation in Nigeria having successfully mobilized 210 of its staff to give blood to Lagos Blood Bank through the State’s Blood Transfusion Committee, LSBTC.

“Our Blood Donation Camp has lasted two years, and this is our third attempt. In the first two attempts, first it was at the African Steel Mills Ltd, Ikorodu, Lagos State and then at our Agbara Units, and today, we had a very big turnout of 210 donors across four manufacturing units, said Mr. Satyendra Singh, the company’s spoke person at the event.

He attributed the massive turnout of the staff and management in support of the exercise to:

“We have actually done sensitization classes and we spread them across that there is no harm in giving blood. Some people have misnomer about giving blood but it is very safe and to some extent, it is good for your health if you donate blood to save lives.

“That message went across and now you see the enthusiasm- people are very happy to donate blood; we are trying to make it a very big event and we are trying to help Rotary Club of Lagos Island (RCLI) District 9110, and Lagos State Blood Transfusion Committee of the Ministry of Health, to have enough blood in the blood bank, because it is very important to save lives in emergency cases.”

The senior management team were very supportive in carrying out this donation camp at this scale and they were personally involved in the process and motivating the staff.

Fielding question on blood safety, he said personnel from LSBTC are taking care of that, being expert of the field.

He explained: “After donors volunteer for donating blood, there is a screening process where the blood quality is checked, the health of the donor is checked, and the person must not be on any medication and so, if you are screened and you don’t qualify, you can’t donate blood.”

Also all syringes used are for single use and there is no concern of any kind about the safety in the blood donation process.

On sustainability, he said: “Our group is very responsible corporate citizen, and as part of her corporate social responsibility this exercise will become one of our regular activities in the service of society.”

There’s shortage of blood in Nigeria – Rotary President

Rajkumar Gulati, President, Rotary Club of Lagos Island, called on other private organisations in the country to emulate African Foundries Limited, by motivating their staff to give blood to save lives.

“There is shortage of blood in this country and Rotary feels we should help this society and so we discuss with our partners and experts to find sustainable solution.  Today, we got up to 210 blood donors and our main purpose of doing Blood Donation Camp is to tell people in every country that there is no harm in giving blood; once you give blood, many diseases can be cured automatically.”

He further disclosed that Rotary International have 1.2 million members all over the world; we have more than 34,000 clubs in more than 200 countries. We are a humanitarian organisation participating in various activities to do good for society.

Photo Captions:

African Industries BLOOD Donation Camp From left: Mr. Ravi Sharma, Director, African Industries Group; Yinka Animasa, Scientific Officer, Lagos State Blood Transfusion Committee, LSBTC;  Rtn Rajkumar, President, Rotary Club of Lagos Island (RCLI) District 9110; and Rtn Vipul Agrawal, in-coming President  RCLI, during African Industries  Blood Donation Camp  at Ogijo, Ogun State.


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