Calm Returns to African Foundries Limited After Industrial Accident which Kills 3 staff

Business News
“THE Company has reached out to the families of the deceased for condolences and necessary settlement discussions and everywhere is presently calm.”
Uche Iwuamadi, Executive Director , African Industries Group said in a statement clarifying an industrial accident which happened at the factory of one of its  subsidiaries – African Foundries Limited, Ogijo in Ogun State.
“On the 11th April 2019 at about 7:00am, there was splash of Liquid Metal from the furnace in the factory.
“The liquid metal splash accidentally touched three of our factory workers who have already closed from work but were taking their bath in an open place in an unauthorized location described as restricted area within the factory instead of the normal factory bathroom and they were injured in the process.”
He said that consequently, they were rushed to the nearby hospital in Ikorodu where they later died.
Riot and Damages 
He further disclosed : “The local staff rioted in conjunction with outside hoodlums and caused damages.
“They looted the company’s property and cash.  They also attacked the foreign nationals staff causing injuries to some of them.
“They disposed them of their personal effects and cash in their residential quarters within the plant.
“The estimated loss to the company is yet to be determined.
“However, with the intervention of the Nigeria Police and Nigeria Army, the situation was brought under control.”

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