Global Conference to put Cement and Concrete Innovation in Focus  

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Industry leaders, experts and stakeholders will gather in Singapore in October to discuss innovation within the cement and concrete sector.

‘Innovation in Focus’ is the theme of this year’s Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) Annual Conference, which will take place in Singapore on 10 October 2019.

Delegates from around the world including renowned global experts, industry CEOs, executives and other key industry stakeholders will share ideas on innovation, the future of cities and sustainable construction amongst other major global trends influencing the future of the cement and concrete industry.

Delegates will also discuss and hear from experts on a wide range of other topics including: technology developments; carbon capture, use and storage; construction techniques; process improvements; new binders; design and architecture.

A high-level session led by world renowned smart cities expert Ayesha Khanna and including speakers from Nigeria, India and Singapore will also explore the future of cities, sustainable construction and the role of concrete.

Commenting on the announcement of this year’s conference, Benjamin Sporton, GCCA CEO, said: “This Conference is an important opportunity for the global industry to come together and discuss some of the opportunities and challenges we face.

With its key focus on innovation, the conference boasts an exciting programme and demonstrates the cement and concrete industry’s commitment to driving progress in sustainable construction and innovation across our value chain.

“Success in meeting these challenges, including reducing our CO2 emissions, will require collaboration on global solutions.

The GCCA Annual Conference aims to facilitate such collaboration, bringing together some of the best and brightest minds within the sector but also from the wider built environment. It is sure to be a key date in the industry’s calendar.”

The Singapore event is the GCCA’s 2nd annual conference, following the inaugural London conference of 2018, and is open to all member companies, the wider industry and other built environment stakeholders.

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