Dangote Refinery Receives World’s Largest Crude Distillation Equipment


The world’s largest crude distillation column equipment designed for crude oil processing for Dangote Refinery yesterday arrived in Lagos.

The equipment is the largest in terms of distilling capacity which is 650,000 barrels per stream day.

It weighs 2250 metric tonnes; length, 112.5metres; width, 14.036m; and height, 13.752m;

The above mentioned weight does not include the weight of the internal trays, which is approximately 536 metric tonnes.

Head, Maritime and Ports Infrastructure of Dangote, Capt. Rajen Sachar,  told journalists during the arrival of the facility in Lagos that the equipment  is the biggest single-train facility used for refining crude oil.

The refinery equipment, which was manufactured by Sinopec in China, is the primary unit processor of crude oil into fuels.

Sachar  aid the crude oil consists of various chemical components that have different molecular sizes, molecular weights and boiling temperatures.

He added that the crude distillation column works on the principle of fractional distillation leading to separation of various components in the mixture on the basis of their different boiling points.

How It Works

“Crude oil enters the top of the column, where the inlet temperature is 165 degrees Centigrade gradually increasing to 357 degree Centigrade at the bottom of the column.

“During this passage the crude and its vapours pass through a complex web of internal trays to increase the contact time and surface area within the column with the hot vapours travelling upwards through bubble caps, which allow the vapour to pass through the tray with the cooler liquid flowing downward the column.

“When the vapour reaches the height within the column where its boiling point is equal to the temperature of the column at that height it condenses to form a liquid,” he said.


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