Manufacturers in Nigeria says ‘Executive Order 003’ policy has not improve local patronage by MDAs

Industries, Trade and Investment


By Franklin Alli


62% of Chief Executive (CEOs) of manufacturing companies in Nigeria says the Federal government’s policy direction – the Executive Order 003– has not improved patronage of quality locally made goods by government’s ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs).

The findings were contained in a report, MAN CEOS Confidence Index (MCCI) for third quarter 2019, released weekend.

In the report, of majority of those interviewed, 62 percent disagreed that patronage of Nigerian manufactured products has improved as a result of implementation of the Executive Order 003.

While 28 percent of those interviewed agreed that it has improved, the remaining 10 percent were not sure of the status of its implementation.

MAN noted that formulation of laudable policies has never been an issue for Nigeria but evidence has shown that poor policy implementation has been the challenge in the country.

“Therefore, there is need to properly review the implementation processes of the Executive Order 003 to ensure that Government patronage of goods manufactured in Nigeria improves to boost the performance of the Nigerian manufacturing companies for increased contribution to national output and increased employment opportunities,” it said.


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