Zita Ejike: Maker of Zee Shea Butter




Zita Ejike is a 10-year-old Basic 6 pupil. A lover of nature and mankind, Zita, at the age of seven, developed an interest in the production of natural skin and hair care products. This led to her becoming the CEO of ZEE SHEA HUB at the age of nine.

Zita’s love for everything natural and establishing her own beauty line started very early, having assisted her mother, who is also a nature enthusiast and Natural Lifestyle Entrepreneur, in the production of natural organic skincare products.

The idea of launching her business was actually spontaneous. One day, after returning from school and sharing with her mother the day’s experiences, she had narrated how a classmate was suffering from skin blemishes. She felt there was something that could be done to remedy the situation. She asked her mother what she could do to help.


She was also among the successful 50 Kids sponsored by Cadbury Bournvita to attend the 2019 Bournvita Tech Bootcamp

Her mom asked her to take some of her organic Shea butter to school the next day and give it to her classmate, which she did. Surprisingly, within three days, all the blemishes disappeared.

That was how the company, @zeesheahub was born to sell unrefined, unadulterated and therapeutic Shea butter, which helps children to have healthy and glowing skin and hair.

From the proceeds of her Shea butter sales, she removes only what she needs to restock and uses the rest to feed and clothe the less privileged, as this has been her vision.

Zita has received the Kidpreneur Ambassador Award by Kidpreneur Africa in recognition of her significant impact and dedication as a Kidpreneur in Nigeria.

She was also among the successful 50 Kids sponsored by Cadbury Bournvita to attend the 2019 Bournvita Tech Bootcamp, where she received a certificate in Certificate intelligence, Programming, and Robotics.

Last year, she won the Children’s Day Isucceed Kidpreneur challenge and won a cash award to produce more organic Shea butter.

Also in September 2019, Zee Shea Hub was nominated for the Star Kids Award in the category of the most outstanding Kid Entrepreneur of the year 2019 and won!

Culled from Guardian Nigeria

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