Cowpea and Nutritional Benefits


The antioxidants which are present in cowpeas and other legumes help in the removal of the chemical substances or toxins in the body. It thereby provides the body with a better health condition.
Induces Sleep
Just like other protein foods, cowpeas contains also tryptophan which helps to induce sleep and can help alleviate other related sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia and more.
It also helps stabilize mood swings, restless especially in the night, anxiety and more.
Helps in Weight Management
It also helps in weight loss, as the fibre (dietary fibre) content in cowpeas or beans can help in reducing appetite and craving for foods thereby eliminating situations of extra foods intake or overeating.
It also contains low calories and also has low cholesterol content.
Improves the Skin
Cowpeas is one of the bodybuilding foods which provides maximum benefits to the body in general, not only does it help in the normal functioning of the body but it also helps improve the skin.
The vitamins in cowpeas such as vitamin A and B, as well as proteins and antioxidants, present helps to improve the skin as it protects it from ageing, wrinkles, etc., and also repair the body tissues.
Makes Bone Healthier
Cowpeas also contains numerous vitamins and minerals which are good for the bone such as iron which only does not help in the prevention of anemia but also produces collagen which is one of the major components found in the bone.
·It contains magnesium which plays a vital role in the bone structure, this mineral works together with calcium as it helps in the absorption of calcium thereby processing it to provide the bones with the firmness and strength that it needs. it also helps in keeping the calcium level in the body normal.
Manganese is also one of the minerals which can be found in cowpeas as it helps in the absorption of the mineral – calcium, and it also helps in better functioning of the nerves and brains.
·Few kinds of  beans such as Pinto beans contain a small amount of calcium which is also one of the main essential nutrients that the bone needs.

Source: The Tide

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