‘Over 20 million jobs available in raw materials-based cluster’

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THE raw materials-based clusters if effectively implemented will generate over 20 million jobs for Nigerians on annual basis, President, Association of Agricultural and Industrial Entrepreneurs of Nigeria, AIEN, Chuku Wachuku, has said.

Wachuku said the cluster initiative highlighted shared industrial facilities as it will encourage value chain operators to manage limited resources, share expertise as well as operate and address common challenges including market, innovations, product improvement, among others, at a least cost. According to him, it is a strategy intended to foster the development of value-added products from the abundant local resources, as well as encourage the establishment of viable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are adaptable to local contents’ development in Nigeria.

Wachuku said the clusters initiative in the pilot stage is expected to create about two hundred and fifty entrepreneurs per cluster per local government and the primary target is to create sixty thousand primary entrepreneurs.

He said the primary targeted pilot local government will involve 60 members of the clusters, he explained each cluster will have two hundred and 50 people in 250 hectares, adding they will be producing crops of advantage in their area.

Meanwhile, the organisation is working with some banks and has reached an agreement only to finalise some arrangements, he disclosed adding an ecosystem that will guarantee recovery is already in place.


Source: The Nation

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