COVID – 19: Nigerian Farmers assures of feeding the nation


“All Nigerian farmers are poised and fully awake to address the challenge of providing enough food to feed the nearly 200,000,000 mouths in the Nation.”
Arch Kabir Ibrahim, the National President of All Farmers Association of Nigeria  (AFAN), gave this assurance while reacting to the entry of Corona virus disease into the country.

“The spread of the pandemic across the globe is frightening. We are not unmindful of the likelihood of playing the “big brother” to all of Africa if the scourge exacerbates,” he said.

While advising the citizens and foreigners this to take proactive actions to avoid infections from coronavirus, he called on the government of the country:

“Every other matter in this country should take a backseat pending the control of the coronavirus pandemic.”

He said that the country’s food system must be properly reappraised to avoid any inadequacy that could cause disaster.

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