Nigerian Manufacturers shops for 4IR Technologies at NME/ NIRAM Expo




By Industrial Digest


For Nigerian manufacturers not to be excluded from the Advanced Digital Production (ADP) technologies that are driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), their apex body, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) has deemed it fit to expose players in the industry to these technologies so that they can adopt them in the production processes.

Accordingly, the Nigerian Manufacturing and Equipment Expo (NME 2020), co-located with the Nigerian Raw Materials Expo (NIRAM Expo 2020),  being organised by  MAN and Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC), has the theme: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Nigerian Manufacturing Sector.”

The event will kick off tomorrow (Tuesday) at Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Countries already using the new technologies      

Industrial Digest Online learned that the ADP technological breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced robotics and additive manufacturing, are already in use in the United States, Japan, Germany, China, Taiwan Province of China, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Korea and the Netherlands.

Other countries producing or using these new technologies, although to a much more modest extent, include Israel, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Canada, Mexico, Thailand and Turkey.

A new report by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) ‘Industrializing in the digital age’, noted that most developing countries are not involved, however – and this is a problem.

UNIDO’s Industrial Development Report 2020, argues that these new technologies are at the core of successful inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

Benefits of using the new technologies

They enable the creation of new goods and product innovations, which lead to the emergence of new industries – and the jobs and incomes that come with them.

When these innovations are geared to reducing environmental impacts – by introducing green manufacturing – they also promote the environmental sustainability of industrial processes.

New technologies can also increase production efficiency, leading in turn to sustained industrial competitiveness and expanding manufacturing production.

Greater efficiency is also associated with reductions in pollutant emissions and material and energy consumption per unit of production, which can improve the environmental sustainability of the process.

Industrial Digest Online further learned that while the NME Expo has been the Federal Government’s tool for driving industrialization and economic diversification since its inception in 2016, on the other hand, the NIRAM Expo was conceived by the RMRDC in 2012 to create a unique platform for manufacturers to source raw materials and also benefit from research and development breakthroughs.

Describing the theme of the co-located events as “instructive and appropriate,” MAN President, Mansur Ahmed, said they came at a time stakeholders in the manufacturing sector needed to critically discuss how to tap into opportunities the fourth industrial revolution presents.

Ahmed said there was the need for manufacturers to remain competitive in a fast-developing industrial space, where disruptive technologies and trends, such as Block chain, IoT, Machine Learning; AI, and Driverless car, would dictate the pace of development among nations.

“Therefore, the need to start using technology to produce our own food, products and other indigenous innovations becomes imperative so that we do not end up dependent on developed countries,” he said, at  the Pre- event press conference in Lagos.

The MAN President, therefore, urged large, medium and small manufacturing organisations to take advantage of this year’s edition to explore new production processes that will increase production output, reduce costs, improve product quality and diversify into new products.

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