Nigeria: Energy Drinks Industry Welcomes Amber

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“We are introducing Amber energy drink into the energy drinks segment with the best of intentions to give Nigerians another quality option in their energy drinks choice list,’ said Amber Drinks Limited.

“Ámber is scientifically formulated to provide an incredible energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles ranging from sports to entertainment. It is a non-discriminatory unisex energy drink, the first of its kind.

The drink provides a healthy way to stay active and energised through the day, pointing out that consumers would enjoy the nourishing taste of the slim, sleek and admirable trendy look of the brand in attractive package and affordable price.


The drink is enhanced with potent herbal blend of Guara, amino acids and vitamins.

Guarana is natural caffeine used in beverages. It was said to have been added to Amber to ensure that along-side all the vitamins and nutrients packed in the can, consumer stays alert, energized and healthy.

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