Peterside quits Cadbury Chairman, to allow injection of New blood



“The periodic injection of “new blood” is good for the system especially when further diversity is achieved in the process viz geography, demography and the injection of new and varied skill sets.”

Mr. Atedo Peterside, the immediate past Chairman, Cadbury Nigeria Plc, said on his resignation from the Board of the Company.

Mr. Peterside has been a member of the Board of Directors of Cadbury Nigeria since 5th August 2009.

He became Chairman on 21st April 2010. He announced his resignation from the Company on 30th June 2020, to move on to concentrate on other challenges.

In a statement announcing his resignation, Mr. Peterside said: “We successfully held our 55th Annual General Meeting (AGM) last week and our Managing Director has settled nicely and consolidated her position over the course of the last 15 months.

“The Company is on a profitability path that can be sustained if normal trading conditions are allowed to prevail. The Board of Cadbury is well endowed and my departure from the Board also enables the Company to inject a new independent director into the fold.”

Commended for Transformational Leadership

Shareholders at the AGM had commended Mr. Peterside for transforming Cadbury Nigeria since he joined the Board of the Company.

In a statement, Mrs. Oyeyimika Adeboye, Managing Director, Cadbury Nigeria, said Mr. Peterside, contributed significantly to the Company’s growth.

“Cadbury Nigeria Plc has benefitted from Mr. Peterside’s wealth of experience,” said Mrs. Adeboye. “His inspiring leadership style and astute management skills have been of significant value to our Company.”

Mrs. Adeboye added that Mr. Peterside has been a great support to executive management, challenging and encouraging the team through the years.

She said the Board, Management and Staff of Cadbury Nigeria appreciate the immense contributions of Mr. Peterside to the success of the Company and wish him well in his future endeavours.

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