Manufacturing workers want more done to protect them from COVID-19

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CRYSTAL SPRINGS, Miss. (WLBT) – Across the state work goes on at manufacturing plants amid the threat of COVID-19.

At one plant in Crystal Springs workers say they’re concerned the virus could be lurking at their worksite.

Employees at Hitachi ABB Power Grids say two of their coworkers died from COVID-19 and now they’re asking plant managers to do more to keep them safe Manufacturing plant deaths (Source: David Kenney)

Employees at the plant say social distancing is almost impossible, and they’re worried.

Valerie Buie contracted the virus shortly after another employee at her work station got the virus.

Valerie Buie said, “If I hadn’t requested for myself to go get tested and they didn’t tell me this person who got who tested positive was actually working on that machine. I could’ve passed it on to other employees.”

Tuesday afternoon plant employees held a memorial for the two workers who perished to the Coronavirus. Tyrone Harris is a 20 year employee and David Hart worked at the plant for 14 years.

Employees say the plant is taking temperatures as workers enter the facility and they’re cleaning work stations but they believe more needs to be done to prevent the virus from spreading inside the plant.

They’re asking the company to tell them when there’s a positive COVID case in the plant, and identify those who came in contact with them.

Robert Daniels said, “They are cleaning. We’d like to see the company more involved more out on the floor asking people what can they do to make sure the place is kept safe. We would like to see them moving through the building more making sure the people are safe.”

Hitachi ABB Power Grids is providing two weeks paid leave for workers who get sick. Some workers tell us they want more paid leave for workers who may contract the virus more than once.

Source: TR Cutler

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