Nigeria’s Salim Farouk, shares thoughts on protecting the planet earth 

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The Director-General, Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Mallam Farouk Salim, says
protecting the environment for sustainability can be achieved through a reduction in throwaway, reuse and recycle, and landfill of spaces as well as spreading information on the importance and value of our natural resources.

Other conservation ideas proposed by the SON Chief Executive include volunteering for cleanups in communities, more efficient use of water to avoid waste, use of energy-efficient appliances, planting trees to provide food and oxygen as well as the use of non-toxic chemicals at homes and in offices.

In a statement to mark this year’s edition of the World Standards Day, with the theme:
Protecting the Planet with Standards,” he said the human and large scale industrial activities which modern civilization have added to earth’s natural greenhouse gases which negatively impact our climate and with it, all forms of life.

To mitigate the effects, he posited that standards cover all aspects of energy savings, water, and air quality while laying down standardized protocols and methods of measurement.

“Their broad use helps reduce the environmental impact of industrial products and processes, facilitates the reuse of limited resources, and improves energy efficiency,” he said.

He noted that International Standards prepared by IEC, ISO, and ITU take into account tried and true solutions to technical challenges as well as help share expertise and expert know-how broadly, within developed and developing countries alike.

The SON helmsman affirmed that his Organisation as a representative of the international standardization bodies in Nigeria would continue to propagate the global standards through adoption and modification for local use, manpower training through seminars, workshops, consumer enlightenment activities, and certification of products, processes, and systems using international standards.

Salim called on all Nigerians to join the quality vanguard and continue to support SON in its quest to improve the lives of Nigerians through standards and quality assurance activities as well as

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